Live the story of a granddaughter who creates fantasy worlds to prevent her grandmother with Alzheimer's from forgetting her in the distance during 2020 (based on true facts).

We will live adventures from the points of view of Lala, Shine and Corni, we will travel between the different worlds of Shine, where not everything is what it seems, we will send colorful objects from Shine's world to the gray and gloomy world of Lala, helping her to recover the joy and returning the color to her world, we will rebuild her memories and prevent her from forgetting Shine, whatever it takes.

Meet the characters

She is a giggly, imaginative, funny, energetic and clownish. She is the kind of girl who jumps in puddles when it rains and gets muddy. With her we will travel through her colorful universe unraveling mysteries and living adventures that will give us the key to unlock Lala's memories. Under her tender appearance hides a warrior who will not give up no matter what.

Corni (the playable inventory)

It is Shine's inseparable friend, her genderless stuffed animal that serves as her inventory. In Shine's worlds, Corni comes to life and becomes a cynical and funny companion who always has something to say. The voice of sanity with detective skills that will help us discover what's wrong in the magical worlds.


She is the grandmother of the family, with many stories to tell that are starting to get blurred, she is a fighter and strong woman who has lived through a war, the death of her husband and even having to leave her daughters in an orphanage. But despite all this she has always been a smiling woman, until her family had to move. An authentic character inspired by the original Lala, her character and her tenacity will make us face life with different eyes.

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Real actors

Arborescent scripting & decision-making

Character change


Games with heart


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